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PLC's & Electrical Control Pannels


PLC's are the building block of our modern industrial environment. Without them accident (error) prone manual labour would prevent us from being competitive in our modern free world. They have a multitude of uses apart from controlling machinery, eg:. Data logging for quality control records, inexpensive but sophisticated time clocks, temperature and environmental controllers are to name but a few.

dl205panel touch screen

Ceeps works with the Koyo brand of PLC's. These Direct Logic PLC's range from fixed I/O units to modular systems with thousands of I/O, used for simple machine sequencing to process control.

Ceeps design and build custom made electrical control panels to carry out specific tasks such as, controlling the automated process in a production line, controlling cut to length machinery and controlling temperatures in cold stores and blast freezers. PLC's are also used for data logging purposes and time dependent processes.


Ceeps has access to software to allow the programming of Omon CPM1/CPM1A range of PLC's, Mitsubishi FX range of PLC's and Allen Bradley SLC100.

Bristo Machinery (Purlin Line)

Entrepreneur who specialises in the design of cut to length forming machines. This can be any thing from seamless guttering, fascia, sheet cutter, tiling plant and his latest a Purlin Line.

Bristo Machinies previous attempts at designing controls for their equipment had proved difficult. Ceeps was brought in to over come technical issues. It was decided to change the controls to the Koyo PLC's and interface it with a touch screen. This provided the flexibility to allow proper control of the machine with feedback for fault finding. This also provided opportunities to implement ideas the customer had previously asked for from other companies but was told could not be achieved. Ceeps was successfully able to achieve these goals.

WD Meats (Cold Store)

Food processing factory with a large workforce. The nature of their business dicates that they can not afford downtime. Within the factory there is a lot of PLC controlled equipment and cold stores.

Ceeps is on permanent standby if any of their equipment should fail. Quite often their equipment is supplied from aboard and lacks proper maintenance support. This has meant that on certain occasions a total lack of support for existing machinery meant it was easier to rebuild the control systems using Koyo PLC's. Ceeps has set up a SCADA system for monitoring data logging and controlling their plant equipment.

Cawoods Coal

Cawoods was at one time the largest fuel importer to Northern Ireland. They have an automated bagging system used to produce 50kg and 25kg bags of coal for sale to residental customers.

Ceeps has over the years fine tuned this production line to bring an output from 30 tones a day to 160 tones a day while reducing the workforce from four to one.


Produce O Rings for the oil industry and conveyor belts for the farming industry.

Ceeps worked in conjunction with their design engineer to refurbish a 100 tone press. Part of the process would have required upgrading their power supply to the building at a considerable cost(£60,000). Ceeps was able to solve this problem by programming the PLC to control the heaters in such a way that the load was greatly reduced and could be run under their existing supply.


Manufacture low energy lighting controls as found in fluoresent tubes and modern low energy bulbs.

Ceeps has built the controls for conveyors and pick and place units which transport the circuit boards between the different manufacturing processes within the factory.